Protect yourself and your family against the Coronavirus

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Protect yourself against the corona virus (COVD19).
The new coronavirus is transmitted by coughing and sneezing. Protect you and your family with a respiratory protection mask that complies with the European WIP (workgroup infection control) directive. The mask protects the user against disease processors that can be spread through the air. All masks offered comply with the European Personal Protective Equipment Directive developed by RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).

Protection comes in 3 categories

  • FP1 mask: the lowest performance level of a protection mask. An FFP1 mask has an efficiency of at least 80% against particles that are spread through the air. The side leakage (around the face) may not be more than 22%. This mask is used inter alia when the corona virus is present.
  • FFP2 mask: this is the average category of protection masks and has an efficiency of 94%. The side leakage may not be more than 8%. This mask is used inter alia when there is TB.
  • FFP3 mask: The FFP3 class offers the height protection and has a minimum efficiency of 99%. The side leakage may not be more than 2%. This mask is used inter alia when working with cytostatics.

For protection against bacteria and viruses at least an FFP-2 mouth mask should be worn. The mouth masks do not completely exclude the risk of contracting diseases and infections. All mouth masks are for single use.

Our mouth caps against Corona

RIVM Coronavirus guidelines

  • Disinfect hands regularly;
  • Regularly changing the cap is advised by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.


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